I have forget my zip file password 
i dont understand how to recover file password or rest password 


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1 Answer

I have seen many people met the similar problem, how to remove unknown password on rar file when I forgot my rar password.

Step 1: Download RAR Password Recovery software .
Step 2: Click Open to import the RAR file you want to decompress and Select your WinRAR/RAR
file in the Open File window, and click “Open”.
Step 3: Choose an attack type to remove a RAR password.
Step 4: Choosing password search settings (displayed only if the Brute-Force with Mask or Dictionary Attack mode is set)
Step 5: Click “Start” button and then you will remove the password.

Sometimes we remember winrar password, but also want to remove rar file password, how to remove rar password without software[/url]? You can do as the following stepsg4f6yk9,

Step 1: Open the encrypted RAR archive of which password you want to remove. Select “Extract To” from the list of options. And in the following window, please define where you want to put your CD14 ELISA Kit archive without password protected.
Step 2: Enter the RAR’s password in the window that appears and click “OK”.
Step 3: Check the destination path, you will find a new file folder without password protected.
No matter you forgot or remember rar password, you can finish rar password remover through the two methods.Hope my share to help you.

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