I am having problems for the passed couple weeks that gradually started happening with my phone. I started finding these licenses restrictions terms of policies that are showing up on my account. I can't access my sd card now and now I'm down to calling and troubleshooting my number with support every other day because I'm having problems making and receiving calls because certain apps have been installed on account now that are hidden on here that keep deleting my stuff. Help me please. I'm not that tech smart and I want help in understanding what to do and how to protect myself from this happening again. Please get back to me ASAP before this person has me paying for things with my information that I can't afford!!! I'm already paying for it enough as it is help!!!!!I would greatly appreciate it and be so thankful for the help!
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I'm sorry for you unfoutante luck, at this time I would consider getting anti virus, bull guard(free 15 day trial http://www.bullguard.com/products/bullguard-antivirus.aspx) can completely clean your PC of any malicious software or files and prevent such things from making it onto your computer. If you try this and it does not work or you already have antivirus then I would save any data that's precious to you such as photos and then restore your computer to factory defaults this will for sure remove your problem. Most pcs come with a portion of there disk drive partitioned with recovery information during boot up try hitting the f6 key although take note this varies with the different computer models and it may be another fkey. If this option is unavailable then contact the manufacturer and they can send you a restore disk
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Try a system restore point that is before all your trouble first,  do you keep a registry backup before this happened use that if you have one

Also check this out>>>


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