I have a Motorola SB5101 (old, I know) with Comcast. So for the past week or so, my internet with time out. The "send" light on the modem starts flashing, and the "online" light will not be illuminated at all. At first I would unplug the power cord and plug back in and the problem would resolve. Then that stopped working so I called Comcast and they reset it and it worked for a full day. The guy I talked to said if I keep having issues they would have to send a technician out. Then the next day I called them, the lady I talked to blamed my modem and said it was outdated and that was the reason for the timing out. I asked for an explanation for why, and she couldn't really give one to me. I already found a modem to buy, but don't want to waste my money if the issue isn't the modem. Please someone with internet/modem expertise tell me if this sounds like a modem issue or internet connection issue. Thank you!


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