I installed ubuntu from a disc on my newly built computer. I was going to set it up so I could add windows7 as a duel boot.

I made the mistake of loading the ubuntu OS without a partition and I am now having a hard time uninstalling ubuntu.

Please let me know how to do the uninstall and I am sure I understand how to set up a duel boot at this time.

PLease help as I cannot afford to lose anynore hair!


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1 Answer

Boot a live version of Linux and then you should be able to wipe the drive and start anew, creating the partitions you need. Alternatively, there are a number of free tools that will allow you to resize partittions, create new, etc., which would allow you to resize your Linux partition and create empty ones for Windows and data.
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I have tried that and I still don't understand the process. Can you give some specifics on how to uninstall?

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