I have a Sony VAIO "E" series computer that has crashed and has the blue screen of death (BSOD). When trying to correct this problem through the "ASSIST button and using "F10 (Recover or maintain your system) the computer puts up an error code of 0xc000000f and asks for me to use the recovery media as in an optical disc or USB. Unfortunately I do not have any recovery media so I am trying to obtain it by hopefully downloading to a USB as my spare computer does not have a disc drive. I have tried contacting Sony here in Thailand but the people in the local shop does not speak any english and I do not speak enough thai to make myself understood

Could you please help in finding me a downladable version od windows 8 64 bit that can be downloaded to a USB drive so that i can plug it into my Sony VAIO and undertake the installation
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You will have to contact Sony for the recovery media, it usually costs about $50.

When you first set it up, it offered you an opportunity to makes some recovery DVDs and there was an item on your application list for making them as well. MFGs put a recovery image on the physical drive in a hidden partition. This is how it does the factory restore and what is used to make the recovery disks.
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