There is no reset button and my kids changed my pattern code and i cant remember my email and password that i used!
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3 Answers

Most android devices are reset by pressing and holding the power button, the volume up and then, either the Home button if the tablet has a physical home button if not, the volume down.
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Hi all,  long time since you posted - but I was able to reset my prontotec and though I'd share as I was not able to locate any directions for this unit on how to reset if locked out.

I was able to do a factory reset on mine by using Android Multi Tools v1.02b (google for download) and AdbDriverInstaller.

Downloaded AdbDriverInstaller.  Ran the program.  Then connected my tablet to computer(windows 7) via USB cable.  It showed up in the ADBDriverInstaller program. Highlighted it and clicked install.  Once completed - I closed that program but left the tablet connected to the USB.

Then ran the Android Multi Tools v1.02b application.  Choose Option 0 (Go to Command Prompt).  On next screen type - "adb reboot recovery" (no quotes!) and hit enter.  Tablet rebooted to recovery manager.  Option on screen to wipe user data.  I ran that and then rebooted.  Pass code was gone and I was back in.

Hope that helps someone else.
This method worked for me!!! Thank you so much!!
How do I factory reset my prontotec axius 7 inch tablet pc I for got my patern n my email so please let me know how to do it

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