I have a Kindle Fire HDX and it is registered to my Amazon account which is shared with my wife. Our account has prime and some other features. I also have a seperate personal Audible account. Previously I have been able to download the Audible books to the Kindle (althought the download would only remain available for about 2 days). I would also be able to listen to my books from audible on the kindle. Now, I can not do either! I can not download them or have access to the books with my kindle Fire HDX. I need help with some work around if one exists.

I have been round and round with both Amazon and Audible with this issue. With the iPad there is no problem with either, I can access and use both. Why is Amazon making their own products more difficult to use together? One would think they would want it to be more seamless and flexable than its competiters products. Do I need to toss the kindle and go back to the iPad?
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