I have a crystal view android 4.1 laptop with a pattern and I can't remember it and after 5 tries it takes me to a screen that asks for my recovery username (email) and password how do I reset it so that I can get into it
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1 Answer

Turn your device off..wait 10 seconds..hit the button to turn on..but this time be ready for whenever you see the the pre screen where you see the Windows preparing to open your log in spacebar section..right then while you computer is preparing windows you need to hit quicly (F1-Alt-Enter) that needs to be done sequencely or it wont work..sequenced i mean like if you were playing with a piano..hit F1 and Alt at same time,while hit the Enter quicly right after a millimeter of a second..this will take you to the comp. Brain ,there u will go to Administrator you may need to go thru Settings before u get to Administration..then once in tha Admin.area you going to reset the password wich is shown in this format (*******) change that to the new one,,Enter,,and then Exit...once you exi turn u comp. Off..then on and u set..if any problems find me on facebook by:Aww Dark and i will upload a vid to show you how is done.

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