My phone has the words safe mode on the bottom left corner and I would like to know if it has anything to do with the fact that the apps I downloaded on my phone aren't on the home screen.
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2 Answers

1) The first thing to try is to power off the phone, remove the battery for at least a minute, reinstall the battery, power on.

2) The next step would be: from within Safe Mode, remove the applications/updates most recently installed and restart again.

3) Perform a factory reset
   a) Soft Factory reset: Press Menu -> Settings -> Select "Backup and Reset -> "Factory Data  Reset" -> "Reset device" ->   "Delete all" : Your phone will begin the process of resetting.
  b) Hard Factory reset:
       1. Turn the phone off
       2. Press and hold the Power, Home and Volume Up buttons
       3. When the phone vibrates, release *only* the Power button
       4. When the Adroid System Recovery screen is displayed, release the other buttons
       5. Press and hold the Volume Down button until you receive the message "Delete All User Data"
       6. Press the Power button to select that option. The phone will begin resetting
       7. When you receive the message to reboot the phone, press the Power button and the phone will reboot

If at this point you still boot into Safe Mode then you appear to have a hardware problem which will need service or replacement.
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It happens many times tr o my phone go to settings click application then clear dad ata to at least one game or app what happens it will start loading ur apps it might take a few days for all the apps to loading it will come. The app u pick to clear data will remove its data so it eill be like a new app itwill delete everur hHong u did on it

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