how to format a locked up hard drive my laptop was locked up by a windows update i was told to reboot the system when the update had finished and i did reboot   after rebooting the computer keep asking for a hdd password that was not given  i have tried to reinstall the operating system but it tell me no hard drive    please help     apache2020


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1 Answer

There is nothing in a Windows update which would have set a HDD password. That would have had to have been set up, probably through the BIOS of them machine, but I am not certain. You can check with the manufacturer of the drive, however, the idea behind such passwords is to prevent access to the drive and its contents without the password. There is not usually a way to circumvent that. You would have to replace the hard drive. Fortunately, the price of drives has become relatively trivial and you can get a 500gb laptop drive for as little as $38 and a 1TB for as little as $60.
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