some of my laptops keys are not responding while typing. some say it is because of cold but i am not so sure. please help me to overcome this problem.
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2 Answers

it is cold problem
thank you. i will try.

I have had the exact same problem, with the exact same keys not working in as much as could be discovered: c, v, and h small letters.

The fix I found was to do this: Switch off all power supply to the computer, and hold the power-on switch depressed for about a minute(or if you feel more convenient with it, use a jumper across the power switch's pins on the mobo Goat Insulin ELISA Kit ). Switch on the power supply and operate as usual. It must work. I'm still looking for how and why it happens, but it worked Je1w9r4.

the best suggestion of using a external keyboard is a good one and also the on screen keyboard also to make sure that it is not software issue. If same issue persists than you may want to try to re-seat the keyboard cable. On the bottom of your laptop the keyboard screws should be marked. If still same issue than it is your keyboard, you can get one online for about $25 depending on the model. Good luck.

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