Ok so I've been online and noticed these two kids slowly blowing up Instagram and twitter, Han Williams and Declan Terry. Who are they? What do they do? I've heard people saying that they're their biggest fan and how much they love them so can one of their fans tell me a little about them?
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Hello. To answer your question.. I've been following Han on Instagram since 2011 and Declan had an Instagram at the end of 2012. Han and Declan are 15 years old. They're British, they're from Wales in Britain, they live in a small town in Wales called neath. Together they're known as Point Zero. They have a youtube that you'll find if you type in HDparodys. That was their original name, but they preferred Point Zero. Hans birthday is 18th August 1998 and Declan's birthday is the 24th of June 1998. Hans favorite color is red while Declan's is blue. Their first ever video is of 'call me maybe' back in 2012 summer. In this video they have a guest who is told to be called Thomas, he appears in one more video. 'Nice guys' but is not seen in any other videos. Sources say that once they uploaded them videos Han and Declan decided it was time to get serious about YouTube and told Thomas they no longer needed him. They're both told to be going to 'Dwr Y Felin Comprehensive' school, which in English is 'the water mill highschool'.  They're in their last year of school and will be starting college in September of this year, although Han has mentioned that they might just focus on YouTube since they're youtube partners and are looking for youtube as a full time thing. They ALWAYS record videos in Hans bedroom or around where Han lives because Declan's bedroom is too small to record in. Han has braces and has had braces since April 2011. It is said that Hans braces will be removed spring time this year. Declan has never and will never get braces. They only have 13 videos on their channel, but have had many others but they've been deleted such as a 'question and answers' video, and an 'r5 lip sync' and an 'Austin Mahone Lip Sync' and a 'hyper video'. Han has always had a passion for making videos. Back in 2010 and 2011 Han had a channel called 'WillsterTV' which is still up today. Han and Declan have always been best friends and it's just fate that they're on the rise of becoming superstars! These kids are going to be HUGE. So get ready, they'll be on your TV before you know it.
I totally agree with you, they are going to be huge, good looks and being funny gets you a long way these days. I usually don't like stuck up kids trying to be famous but these are genuine and down to earth people who just like having fun which is why I love them

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