i have very important information that I need asap. I am in another country and for some reason when i try to access my account I am told user not found. What do I do now? Please help with a response to this email address  since i cant access this one bevy_xxxxx@hotmail.com . My name is Ron Lacxxxx and the account I have been using and have had for many years is ronlacxxxx@hotmail.com  (Personal information removed for safety)

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2 Answers

My problems is any time i try to login my account, there will said that user name or password is invalid,i have being experience this problem for quit a long time now, think u.
If the Hotmail account sat idle for something around 240 days then the account was deactivated and all email contained there in was deleted. I suggest you try sending an email to that address to see if it bounces or not.
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