Kindly help me with this.

Whenever I attempt to uninstall the COOEE Launcher S4 malware virus, it doesn't work.

Your immediate reply will be highly appreciated.

Thank you very much.



Miguel Nico
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4 Answers

You can remove it by usinrestore factory settings...and no other!! :)
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Ive tried that... But still ... My phone detects the malware virus...
I have cooee launcher on my CTC android also and it has malware and I've tried to factory reset etc and nothing works.. HELP!

To disable Cooee without root:  Hook it up to your computer.  Turn on USB storage.  Go into the phone through your computer and search for the cooee folder.  Replace EVERY FILE with an empty fake.  Especially the payment.jar, Downloader.jar, and Shellservice.jar.

When you uninstall cooee launcher, what will replace it?

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