I never used this email for a long time, hence I forgot my ymail password.
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I've got an android for my bday that has an email account already but I dntknw it therefore can't log in to nun sites
i forgot my password so pls provide the alternate password
Note: Even if you try logging via mobile, you will be told to access using a computer first so that won’t work but lemme head over on how to fix this.
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Yahoo Password recovery
 Go to the login page and select "Forgot Password". It will take you through the password recovery process.
You will need to go through 1 of 3 processes:
1) provide your alternate email address
2) If you entered your mobile number in setting up your account, choose that opiton to receive a text with instructions
3) Failing either of the first two methods, the third is to answer the security questions you set up when you enrolled the account.
Unfortunately, if you don't have the email address, didn't register a mobile phone or no longer have that number, and are unable to answer the security questions you will not be able to recover access to the account.
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Dear attention Yahoo mailer team I'm have a mail post account with your yahoo mail, I have tried open my mail many times but it's never open . My mail as bellow [email protected] So, please help me to reopen it as to I have more important decuments For confirm this is my number mobile 00967770010001 My name is Ibrahim A. Katten Republic of Yemen Pleasing forward reply Many thanks for your helps

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